Products & Suppliers


American Forge and Foundry

Heavy duty automotive shop equipment

Aluminum Tank Industries

D.O.T. approved aluminum fuel transfer tanks

B & K Tank Gauge Co.

All sizes and types of fuel gauge sticks

Cardlock Vending

Cardmaster fleet fuel management system


Fuels, Lubes, Propane remote level monitors

Central IL Mfg. Co.

Complete line of fuel filtration products

Certified Tank & Mfg. Co.

Aboveground fuel storage tanks


Air compressors and parts

Commercial Zone Products

Waste containers, windshield service centers

Dixon Valve & Coupling

Swivels, breakaway valves, fill caps, fill adapters, drybreak couplers and adapters, specialty fittings


Fuel Management System

Esco Services

Remanufactured products - circuit boards, printers, hard to find older electronic components

Federal Process Co.

Thread sealants, fuel gauging pastes and cleaning products

FE Petro

Submersible fuel pumps, leak detectors, pump controllers

Franklin Fueling Systems

Manholes, piping, sumps, spill containment, flexible connectors


Commercial and retail fuel pumps and dispensers, fleet fuel control management systems


Complete line of lubrication pumps, hoses reels and components

Great Plains Industries (GPI)

Complete line of commercial, farm and consumer fuel pumps, meters, oil pumps and accessories

Husky Corp.

Automatic shutoff fuel nozzles, swivels, breakaway valves


Fuel tank monitoring systems, line leak detection components

Integrated Control Systems

Fuel management system pulsers, tank level alarms

Jomar Group

Complete line of ball valves

Kleer Blue

Complete line of DEF handling equipment - pumps, meters, tanks, accessories

Krueger Sentry Gauge Co.

Complete line of mechanical liquid level gauges

Morrison Bros.

All types of valves, manholes, vents, spill containers, nozzles, gauges


Lubrication pumps of all types, chemical pumps, tank and drum equipment


Nozzles, spill containment, manholes, valves, fittings, vents, overfill prevention valves


Petroleum and chemical dispensing and handling hose

Performance Ink

Decals, dispenser keypads, dispenser components


DEF pumps for drums and totes, meters, fuel control management systems

PMP Corp.

Remanufactured products - fuel meters, valves, mechanical computers, printers, cash drawers, ticket printers

PT Coupling

Cam and groove quick couplings, hose clamps and bands, hose fittings, drybreak couplers and adapters


Hose reels of all types

Riverside Steel

Island forms - stainless steel and carbon steel


Double walled oil storage tanks

Rotary Lift

All types of light duty and heavy duty vehicle lifts


Complete line of lubrication pumps, valves, hose reels, lubrication components


Complete line of torches


Remanufactured circuit boards, printers, consoles, POS systems

United Sign

Decals, signs

Wayne Fueling systems

Dispenser and pump repair/replacement parts